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Home is more than a place.  Home is truly about people and the deep relationships formed as we live, work and play side by side.  At GRATA we develop communities that draw people together.  From houses where families gather, to community amenities were neighbors connect, to restaurants and shops were new friends are made, and old connections rekindled, our projects are designed, executed and managed to foster meaningful relationships.

Who is GRATA?

Grata is a locally owned and led developer in the greater Kansas City area.

What does GRATA do?

Grata builds intentional communities by partnering with local builders, businesses, schools, churches, and social service organizations.

Where are GRATA's developments?

Grata focuses on developing growth-minded communities in the greater Kansas City area.


We take our name from the Latin phrase Grata Domum [GRAH-tah DOH-mum], meaning “Welcome Home,” and from the Latin word Gratia [GRAH-tee-uh], meaning “Grace.” By developing intentional communities, we want to welcome people into homes where grace is felt and practiced.​

6300 W 143rd St, Suite 200
Overland Park, KS 66223
(913) 732-4778