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Once construction on the first phase of a new GRATA Community is built several teams are launched to begin building the foundation for this intentional community. 


The Community Connection Team is designed to plan and host activities that engage community members with one another for the purpose of building connections. This team hosts holiday activities, casual events and seasonal community parties.


The Community Welcome Team is each resident’s first introduction to their new community.  The Welcome team primary goal is to ensure that each new resident feels welcomed into this authentic community.  Shortly after move-in a member of this team visits the new homeowner and provides them with information about the community and the upcoming events where they can meet other members of the community.  The Welcome Team also delivers a personalized “Welcome Home” doormat to remind them of their unique role as a member of the community. 


The HOA Board of Directors provides oversight of the operations of the Home Owners Associate and ensures that each community continues to feel like home.  The Board of Directors oversees the HOA budget, maintenance of the landscaping, and the operation and upkeep of neighborhood amenities like pools and playgrounds. 


Residents are essential to the operation of each of these teams.  If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please let us know by e-mailing


Welcome Home.

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Intentional Community


In an era of hectic calendars and busy lives, being a part of an authentic community is more important than ever and yet sometimes a little harder to find.  GRATA was born to create environments were families live in authentic communities by celebrating each other’s success and sharing each other’s burdens. While neighborhoods are comprised of streets and houses, we know communities are created by relationships between people. At GRATA we focus our efforts on creating environments were relationships are cultivated and communities can thrive.  It starts with the design of each community, continues through our partnerships with local builders and it’s embodied in our tag line “Welcome Home”. We believe the message “Welcome Home” says far more than a simple “Welcome”. It signifies that you are invited into a place where you already belong. In a GRATA Community, each new resident of our communities receives a personalized “Welcome Home” door mat with their name on it. We hope that this gift serves as a reminder to each resident that they are not only welcomed into this community but are the foundational element of the communities we create.

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